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An anachronistic public access TV channel plays host to a self-help guru with one goal- to scare viewers out of whatever addiction may be plaguing them.


Eight international directors take on these stories, presenting horrifying shorts focused on the darkest and most surreal side of addiction.


Rob Ulitski

Adam Nelson

Harry Bartholomew

Alan Custer

Sam Mason-Bell

Andre Pedro

Michael J. Epstein


Jamie Langlands

Katt Pearson

Andre Pedro


Jake Earwaker


"I was lucky enough to attend the first ever Pastel Wasteland Horror Film festival this past weekend.  Over one day it covered fifteen short films and the premiere of horror anthology 'I Am An Addict'. Featuring nine different segments - unsurprisingly centring around addiction, and a wraparound, there's plenty for all tastes....


...I Am An Addict delivers on its promise of dark horror.  There's something for pretty much all genre fans but things do stay pretty bleak.  It tackles addictions and difficult subjects in the most real and scary ways possible but always of course with an added horror twist.  Be sure to check out this anthology as soon as you can."



Review by Alain Elliott - Facebook, Instagram & Letterboxd Wight Blood


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Including the "I Am An Addict" Premiere 

Pastel Wasteland is a creative brand without borders. Our focus is on collaboration, producing unique original content and showcasing the world’s most exciting creative talent.

An exciting new genre film festival for the South Coast, Pastel Wasteland brings together some of the best, unsung heroes of science fiction and horror filmmaking. Collecting short films from around the world, audiences are invited to come and see the future icons of the genres, as they present their work in two, hour-long collections of short films.

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