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No Cancer On Sundays is a Documentary that  explores the dynamics of a close knit family dealing with remissions Cancer.


Jake Earwaker - Director of Photography

Angus Higginson - Director

Rob Jamieson - Producer

Emily Butterworth - Editor


The Top of the Issue


Breast Cancer is something that affects many families, men, and women. Many people already know about breast cancer, or any type of cancer, as it has affected so many people understand what it is, they will already understand the general subject of our story, which is Fiona Higginson who has been through breast cancer, and it explores how a family has dealt with that so the audience may already be interested in the doc without knowing the full story because it is something that has affected so many people.


The Heart of the Issue


The heart of the story is the family's struggle with dealing with the hardships of what has happened. If we have, as a family become closer together, and exploring how we have worked together to overcome such a terrible thing.

As it is myself, a family member, directing the film, the audience will have a much more personal and close insight into family dynamics, and how people as individuals deal with hardships like breast cancer. This is a much more different approach to the film, and the subject as a whole, because more often than not the insight is not as personal in this kind of documentary. It is more of an emotional exploration of how cancer affects people rather than a more scientific approach that a large majority of documentaries have, which is a new approach from an audience perspective.


The Root of the Issue


The Film is really about perseverance. How as individuals, and in groups, people deal with adversity. As a family we have changed a lot since Fiona's diagnosis in 2014, as I have been through the whole experience with her I have a lot of personal and emotional investment in this project, as I am using it as a way to talk to my family about it. 

It could be used to help families going through it, or who have been through it. However I think it’s more of a personal journey for me as a director, to help me and my family now that we have been through this experience.

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