"Jake is a gifted editor - always delivering so much more than the brief, with his creative, dynamic style. He is also an extremely patient man - open to all our ideas and enthusiastically committed to delivering our vision."



"Working with Jake was both a joy and a pleasure. He has visual flair and is patient. He's a fantastic creative storyteller and has an eye for detail. Much better than some of the seasoned editors I've worked with.  During the pandemic, we had to work completely remotely and what he produced, in the end, was amazing. He worked with us from the beginning of a feature documentary and he's most definitely a name to watch out for in the future."



"Jake has been working with Flashcat for almost 2 years in various areas of pre and post-production. He applies a creative eye, strong editorial skills and production know-how with great focus and enthusiasm. I would not hesitate to recommend him to work for any potential business prospect."



"Jake created a slick and creative video for Pinewood Cinema. He was very professional and worked well with the client. We look forward to working with him again in the future."



I approached Jake to work on my most recent showreel as we had collaborated on multiple projects in the past year and I knew his creative eye would be perfect for what I was aiming to achieve. The end result was fantastic. Jake does not only bring an outstanding creative vision, but also a strong technical understanding. The experience of working with him is one I would strongly recommend.

"I hired Jake to capture myself and my studio for my audio mastering website. His friendly, laidback attitude through the shoot and keen eye for visuals resulted in an exceptional final product. He went above and beyond, delivering with a speedy turnaround on the editing. I hope to use Jake’s services again soon!"





"I worked with Jake Earwaker on Lux Lisbon in concert at the bush hall, London. I would highly recommend him for any future employment. He immediately hit the professional approach. I left him the freedom to act how he pleased and allowed his talent to capture the most important moments of the evening, he demonstrated more talent than I had expected."

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