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A horror film about a serial killer willing to do anything to enter, the society.

“To Enter You Must” is a story about a woman called Phoebe, who is devoted to completing a series of tasks in order to enter a mysterious society. Phoebe has never felt like she fit in, but this society has given her a chance to become someone, to have a meaning in this world. Phoebe, convinced that the lives of other people are not as important as her own, begins a rampage of ruthless murders in order to appease the society.


The Mother - Gill Broderick 

The Daughter - Sara d'Olivier

The Boy - Gareth Henry


Jake Earwaker - Writer/Director

Johnny Lochland - Executive Producer 

Angus Higginson - Director of Photography

Rob Jamieson - Editor/VFX

Josh Howard -- Producer

Emily Butterworth - Sound/co-producer



SEMI-FINALIST - Russian International Ho

DROP is a Russian International Horror Award Show. Set in Moscow since 2010. The festival is created by Live Entertainment Company and it’s CEO — Victor Boulankin.

During the festival we are showing both the newest horror films and the horror classics of old. We also hold the Star Master-class featuring some of the greatest horror masters of Russia and all over the world.

Nightmares Film Festival is a destination horror and genre fest conveniently held in the heart of the Midwest: easily reached, easily navigated and inclusive Columbus, Ohio. NFF sets itself apart from other genre fests by its deep year-round connection to the horror filmmaking community, which gives it the first line on the rarest, scariest, most daring and most unsettling films being created around the world.


FINALIST - Motor City Nightmares Film Fe

The Motor City Nightmares International Film Festival was created to showcase and celebrate the latest and greatest contributions of independent Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Thriller films and screenplays from around the world!
The festival is focused on bridging the gaps between filmmakers, fans, and financing.




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